Artist's Bio


Singer-songwriter Stephanie Catlett is an Iowa storyteller born in the bluffs of the Loess Hills, who currently lives in a blue bungalow in Iowa City with her three cats.  Her debut EP Meet Me in the Dream is a country-tinged pop record with influences ranging from folk to Americana, and a vocal delivery reminiscent of Hope Sandoval or Jenny Lewis. Catlett creates a sound that is comfortable and unassuming, yet her sharp songwriting leaves a lingering impression.  

Catlett's lyrics explore the quiet spaces between separate lives, and the sometimes-imperceptible cracks that appear when love and faith fall apart. She draws much of her inspiration from nature, and the industrious, independent spirit of the plants and animals around us. Her songs are peopled with the lonely, the impetuous, and the flawed — and she attempts to tell stories that reflect the complicated nature of being a human on earth. 

Putting out this album was an act of courage for me. After a career as a marketing writer promoting others' work, "Meet Me In the Dream" is the first project that I have created out of myself, completely from my own experiences and impressions. While the dream world of the album is one of false starts, missed chances and loss, there remains a core of resilience and persistence that hopefully won't be overlooked by the listener.

 Meet Me in the Dream is available on cd, and through multiple streaming platforms.